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Huellas reserve


Huellas natural reserve



The project
Huellas is a natural reserve project aimed at the creation of an eco-sustainable tourism system in the northern Patagonian mountains in the middle of Alto Bío Bío National Reserve in the Lonquimay region, Chile next to Argentina border.
The project, located 200 km Est of Temuco, Chile and with a surface area of more than 8,000 hectares and more than 50km of trails, is focused on the study and protection of a number of threatened animal and plant species through the development of a
sustainable tourism and educational projects
. The reserve offers you the possibility to participate in amazing expeditions, discover rare mineral and rock formations and uncontaminated landscapes.
Located at the beginning of the Patagonia region, you can discover typical forest vegetation and fauna. With more than 50km of tracks, you can hike and discover many different landscapes, huge mountains, volcanos, deserts, massive waterfalls, and prehistoric glaciers.
You can also camping everywhere and participate in a ton of different activities such as biking, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoe hiking, birdwatching and much more!
Huellas reserve is a unique human and territorial biodiversity, in the middle of Mapuche territory, here you can learn and dive into the traditional languages, millennial culture, colorful costumes and delicious dishes.
Huellas reserve is a place to discover the adventure of Chile and beyond!