Simone Curzi

LD vintage





The concept

At the core of our shop you’ll find a curated collection of second hand goods – mostly clothes. We strive towards offering something a bit different, and try to steer away from “cheap fashion”.


The majority of clothes produced nowadays is fast fashion making it harder to come across sturdy pieces which lasts for decades. But you do find quite a bit of this in our shop – welcome!

Crystals and incent

As big consumers of incent ourselves, we found a huge marked gap in the selection of what you can buy in Ålesund. Therefore we have curated a collection of different incents, crystals, pendants and small figurines.

Hang out space

Our goal is to become a space where people want to hang, either with a good book, to listen to some music or just to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. We are still renovating the back part of the Vintage Store which is going to be the designated hangout zone – so stay tuned for the reveal.

3D modeling

The Before

The store used to host a second hand shop full of all kinds of different stuff. Everything from glassware to wigs. A big space filled with potential and hidden treasures.

The After

After some intense weeks of remodelling, painting and rebuilding the place we opened the doors to a different kind of second-hand shop. Here you see some sneak peaks of how it looks now. Welcome in too see the full extent!